The journey of the Directorate of Research was started in 1951 with the appointment of one Philologist with an objective to guide Central Government Employees working in the then NEFA. With the passage of time the Research activities have been widening through creating other section to undertake Research activities in specific socio-cultural field to cope up with the need of the society. Thereby, Philological section is an important section of the Department. Since 1960, Philological section started to document the Indigenous Languages through publishing phrase books, language guide books and dictionaries through 10 Languages Officers posted in the districts.

Presently, the section is look after by a Dy. Director of Research attached to the Directorate Office and one Assistant Director of Research is posted at Ziro. In this mechanism the Philological section of the department is having 42 books and two manuscripts namely-“Adi Dictionary” by Shri Kabuk Pertin, Language Officer.Pasighat and Writing System Idu Mishmi Language”by Shri Jimi Pulu, DDR (P) are under the process of printing. Recently, the government has entrusted the philological section of the Research Dept. to take up the project entitled “Linguistic Survey of A.P.” In this regard the concept paper and the questionnaire has been prepared for the survey. The project will be cover in two years. After completion of the survey a report shall be compiled and will be submitted to the government.

Following Projects are undertaken by the language Officers posted in the district.

  1. Study of Bangru language of Lower Subansiri.
  2. A study on the inventory sound system of Tawang Monpa language.
  3. Study on Lihs-Chung Monpa language.
  4. Collection of proverbs and sayings of various tirbes.
  5. Socio-Religious taboos of Apatanis.
  6. The religious & significance of Apatani baboo.
  7. Dictionary on Adi to English.
  8. Micro-level study on threat of extinction of indigenous languages of Arunachal Pradesh.
  9. Linguistic affinities among the Abotani tribes.

Apart from those, two linguistic projects/schemes have been undertaken as directed by Chief Secretary.

Religious Prayers of Arunachal Pradesh :by Tangsa, Tagin Language Officer(LO)
Apatani, Adi, Nyishi, Idu
Mishmi, Monpa, Galo,

Lullabies of Arunachal Pradesh by Culture section
Monpa, Nyishi, Idu-Mishmi,
Adi, Apatani, Nocte, Tangsa,  Galo.