The State Archives of Arunachal Pradesh is the custodian of all the non current records of Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh and holds them in trust for the use of administration and Scholars. The Archives is repository to the non current records which is valuable and unique in its own nature, as they hold immense significance of our rich history. The inception of Archives in Arunachal Pradesh was established in the year 1978 as one of the most valued and specialised section of the Research Department of the then Union Territory of Arunachal Pradesh, the section has been maintained under the Deputy Director of Research (Museum and Archives).

Administrative Setup
The creation of an Archives cell was felt since long but it was only initiated in 1978, when the then Director of National Archives of India Dr. S.N.Prasad, had visited Itanagar. During his visit he conducted series of meetings with then executives, Lt. Governor Sri.K.A.A.Raja, Chief Secretary Mr. I.P Gupta and Sri. I.M Simon, Director of Research.
Accordingly after the meeting, a scheme was prepared for the establishment of Archives cell and to be attached to the Research Department. The initial aim was to acquire numerous Buddhist manuscripts found in Buddhist Monasteries of Tawang and Chowkham. Consequent upon this decision two posts of Archivists were created one for Tawang and other for Chowkham. Shri Tashi Lama was appointed as Archivist for Tawang (then under Kameng District) and Shri C.Monglang was appointed as Archivist for Chowkham. Due to lack of scientific knowledge as to how to preserve those records, many of the records were in verge of being lost due to mishandling and by insects.

It was felt that apart from the Buddhist manuscripts and records, the records in the District record room, Secretariat record room should also be assessed, with ultimate aim of transferring them to Archives of the Research Department as it contains valuable information, history, and documentations etc. As all these records would in course of time will be useful materials for Researcher scholars, students, publics, policy makers and others.


Ever since, The Archives is under the Directorate of Research, Government of Arunachal Pradesh to endeavour for the conservation and perseveration of old and very important records and documents in the form of files, manuscripts, photographs, maps, books etc. As the custodian, the Archives has a massive number of records. There are more than 10,000 bundles of documents from various departments since.

The following are important records preserved in the State Archives.

  • Tour Diaries of Political Officers, Asst. pol. Officers,
    Base Superintendents during the NEFA period.
  • Judicial Records.
  • Confidential Records.
  • Personal files.
  • Administrative Reports.
  • Records of Education Department.
  • Maps
  • Religious manuscripts.
  • Industrial Records.
  • Paper cuttings.
  • Tibetan rehabilitation.
  • Sino-India war 1962 records.
  • Assam Gazetteers
  • of India Gazetteers